Business and Economy in Austin

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Austin has a thriving economy, and with Google planning to invest $50 million in expanding its campus, Tesla breaking ground on its electric vehicle factory, and Apple’s $1 billion campus nearing completion in the verdant North hills, it’s only poised to grow.

Other tech developments include:

  • $180 billion software company Oracle Corporation relocated its headquarters to Austin.
  • Samsung recently told Texas officials that it wants to create 1,800 jobs with a $17 billion factory in Austin.

But regardless of whether you’re looking to make the next
tech breakthrough or just make an honest living, as a bustling metropolitan hub, Austin is bound to have a place for you and your industry.

Leading Industries in Austin

Aerial view of a table with several laptops, phones, notebooks, etc. on it.


  • IT and telecommunications
  • Business and financial services
  • Defense and security
  • Food services
  • Publishing and information
The Texas state capitol building.


  • Computer manufacturing
  • Energy and mining
  • Government
  • Education
Construction workers standing on a concrete area next to a construction site.

Leading sectors for employment growth (2018-2020):

  • Construction and mining (7.2% total)
  • Financial activities (7.1%)
  • Information (3.3%)
  • Health and education services (10.9%)

All of these figures point to a healthy economy and booming job market. Despite the pandemic-related setback, which has been particularly destructive for small businesses, 2020 brought huge wins for Austin in terms of economic development, setting the city up for a strong recovery. In fact, during normal times, an estimated 47K people move here per year; in 2019, there were an estimated 68K job postings for tech industry positions alone. To sweeten the pot, Austin’s unemployment rate has hovered around 2.6% in recent years, whereas the U.S. average is 3.7%.

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